Saturday, March 29, 2014

Conversation with a social worker of 40 years who works with abused children.

This blog post is in question and answer format. The questions are from a social worker of 40 years who works with abused children. She is an African American female. The questions began after I sent her a message to me from Archangel Michael.

Message from Michael on September 28, 2011. I loosely wrote down what Michael said so these are not direct quotes.

When you are living in the world, a life of sacrifice does not appear attractive because you are on the other side. You only feel the grace of God as you walk the life of sacrifice and this feeling only grows stronger as your journey progresses. Many people do not choose this life for two reasons. First they do not feel worthy to do it and, second, they do not want to give up what they think they have. As you move deeper into the world, you move slower in service to God because you get misdirected. As you chase what is of the world you feel worse and so you chase more of the world. This is the downward cycle for people who have great wealth. They believe they will feel better if they just get a bigger plane or a newer car or more houses. However this is journey into hell. The more world they obtain the less worthy they feel. They are continuing to find replenishment for the great rush they first feel when they obtain something new that no one else has. For example, the custom Lamborghini SUV. However the hole that is felt can only be filled with God. Power can be the same vehicle for this search. People seek power when they feel weak. This is why someone will fight all souls when they feel weak. The person has been tricked into believing that if she has power then she will overcome her feelings of weakness. However only God can fill that hole too.

Everyone has been given great gifts but to claim them each person has to risk everything he or she has constructed in his or her world. For younger people, this is usually popularity or their ideal peer group. In reality it is this very peer group that is hurting them but this is not what is seen. Younger people believe if they proclaim and stand for God they will have to associate with people who are not “cool.”

The nature of free will is that you can rarely make choices for another. As a parent you do make choices when your children are small but when your children become adults a parent’s influence is attenuated at best. For a person to become all he or she can be, he or she must gain self worth for him- or herself. This can only be accomplished when the appropriate peer group is embraced. As young adults, their peer group has much more influence than parents. The environment within the appropriate peer group is supportive but the environment within the wrong peer group is destructive. Each person ultimately decides those with whom he or she will associate.

When someone is on a self-destructive bent, there is not an easy answer. If you remain too close, you are kept from your path. The answer is always selfless love but that is not what people think it is. If someone wants to destroy him- or herself, ultimately there is very little you can do except get out of his or her way. This is especially true because from a child’s perspective, all of the restrictions a parent places in the child’s path to protect the child are viewed as cruel. Psychology is a tool but faith is the only answer. Also, you do not abandon a person if you continually pray for them and love them. This is what is known as tough love.

In a family unit, you have no control over your spouse and only very limited control over your children. You cannot allow yourself to continually react to one who is controlled by the world. Each person will define him- or herself through the choices that person makes.

If you as a parent are trying to teach your child about service and sacrifice for others, your child gets to decide how she will respond. In rebellion, sometimes a child will decide that what she really needs is to get HER way. This quest for control and power will be the source of her destruction. That is the trick. When one seeks power, that person will always lose because it becomes about that person. If instead a person seeks respect then he or she will win. If you respect yourself you win. The quest for the illusion of power masks a lack of self-regard and self-respect. This what happens when one decides to hurt others.

Children rebel against their parents (and especially mothers) because they believe they are trying to be controlled. When one is in this self-destructive cycle, he or she will go to great lengths to hide from the truth and to defend the lie. (This is why Jesus was killed. He brought the truth and the crowd did not want to see.) If a person does not see it for him- or herself, then it is not real. In order to help someone in this situation, you have to help her find the truth for herself. You cannot help anyone when you place yourself in that person’s situation. Feeling compassion alone is not the basis for action. Compassion is good because it generates love but you should never act on compassion alone. You must take into account the person’s situation. For example, you would never take a veteran back from a war to a fireworks show because the sounds of explosions would trigger that veteran’s defensive mechanisms. You can have compassion for the person but you still have to think how a person will react. Compassion by itself does not lead to analysis.

When someone has been exposed to the path to God and still chooses to follow the dark, all you can do is grant that person his or her free will. Soon that person’s want will become that person’s need and the cycle of addiction will bring on the gift of the fire. Frequently a person has decided that the dark is a good path and wants to try it out. The problem is the person does not realize what an unforgiving path it is.

In a family unit committed to serving God, Lucifer will always attack the weakest length in the family in an attempt to retard that family’s service. The battle becomes readily apparent if a person has become used to fear and chaos in life because then that person will try to create it with self-destructive actions in order to feel “normal.” This is an example of the length to which someone will go to defend the prison she has built for herself because the person believes she cannot live without it. This feeling of control is an illusion but a very strong one because the person feels safe within the confines of this control. The chaos and fear become the source of the illusion of control. The only escape is to give the person real control. Real control is only obtained when you love the person unconditionally in order to give the person a solid base. If you only respond to a person’s acting out, that is not giving the person real control.

Sometimes a person’s past sexual abuse has given the person attention. However this attention will never heal a person. Only God can heal and that is done when a person decides to serve others selflessly in love. These types of problems can be the basis for something magnificent however everyone has to see that his current path is not where he wants to go. To escape this cycle of destruction, the person has to love someone else more than he loves himself. Also, it is important to realize that loving another is not controlling him or her. When people are lost, their measuring sticks are wrong and yet they will defend their current position will all they have. This is how we all get tricked into defending our self-constructed prisons. The death of Jesus is the best example of each person’s desire to defend what he or she has constructed to survive. The truth will always set you free but going there is not usually the first response when the light shines on you.

Social Worker:

I do need an in-depth conversation with you but at the present I am in the fight for the children who are dying in this state in the care or watch of the department of Social Services. The battle, excuse me, the WAR on children has been and will continue to be my deepest passion as a warrior. I am angry to the point of using all my energy in this fight.

My Response:

You will win with unconditional love. Love is the only weapon that works. The dark must divide us to win while love unites all. Go into battle with love and you will have the full complement of Heaven behind you. 

Jesus showed us how and He will be you too. 

Social Worker:

Who do you love? The effects of the darkness are heart wrenching. I ask God consistently, “What do you want of me? Am I in your will or am I doing my own thing?” I know I can’t turn away from this anguish. I want to scream. Remember I told you I have been a Social Worker for forty years and working with the wounded. There seem to be no end. God continues to give me wisdom with clients but it is also a burden. How can I use LOVE as a weapon?

My Response:

Pray for those doing the hurting. They have been tricked by the dark and don’t know the truth. Look at Paul’s life before the road to Damascus.

Here is how the system works. To win the dark must create hate, judgment, dissension, and division. In God’s world, there are no losers. The dark knows our bodies and how God designed them. He therefore constantly tries to get us to feel fear because that is the only world he can inhabit. When fear is present, God has ordained that the Heavenly Host cannot intervene because that would influence our free will. Therefore, each person has to decide whether to continue to feel fear or allow Heaven to come. The dark has had our entire lives to get us accustomed to fear and so the process of healing is to learn that we are all masters of our own level of fear. The beginning of all sin is fear and it should be obvious that all of the emotions I mentioned in the first line are different aspects of fear. You have spent your whole career addressing the consequences of people giving in to fear. The fruits of the Spirit as detailed in Galatians are feelings from Heaven. The dark cannot duplicate these feelings and that is why he is constantly trying to get us to believe that feelings are unreliable. But only God can bring us love and joy. 

Our challenge in this war zone is to reject any aspect of fear. Think about love. In love there is no control and that is why God will never influence our free will. But He will wait an eternity for us to reach out to Him. Contrast that with the tools of the dark - addiction, unquenchable craving, anger, hate, judgment, etc. None of these emotions will ever win anything. There may be a moment of perceived victory, but how does that stand in the face of unconditional love. This is why unconditional love is the only weapon that works.

Let’s look at Jesus life for a moment as recorded in the Bible. If there is anyone who had the “right” to judge and condemn those who poisoned Him, tortured Him, and crucified Him it was Jesus. Yet on the cross He said, “Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” (Or something close.) When asked how many times one had to forgive He said seventy times seven. Look at the parable of the Good Samaritan. When asked about enemies, Jesus said, “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.” This is because He knew the power of love and came to show us what God’s love looked like inside a body.

Michael once told me, “When you understand love, forgiveness and compassion are as easy as breathing in this manifestation.” Michael knows that love is the only weapon that works because he knows that God’s essence is love.

Let me address your situation (as I understand it) for a moment. I sent that quote to you because Michael explains perfectly how the dark deceives us. Anyone that hurts another has allowed the dark inside their body and so it is the dark that is actually doing the damage. The presence of alcohol or drugs makes the dark’s work that much easier and that is why there is so much rape and abuse when alcohol or drugs are present. When you pray for that person inside the abuser (the real person underneath all of that fear), Heaven comes. You may not see results immediately but God answers all selfless prayers for others. When you get angry at someone, the dark wins. When you pray selflessly, Heaven wins. Those are God’s rules.

In the original Lord’s prayer, Jesus said “deliver us from the evil one” - not “deliver us from evil” as we recite today. Lucifer had to work hard to get that word “one” out. Your fight has always been against the dark and not those who have allowed the dark to hurt both themselves and others using their bodies.

Those who work for the dark have been tricked into believing that God would never have them back because of their actions. This is just a lie Lucifer uses to keep his small army in line. When your light shines on them and they know they are loved by God, they go home to Heaven. That is what Jesus did when he took the demons out of Legion and put them in the pigs. Those demons believed they had to be inside flesh to go home and so Jesus used the flesh of the pigs. Those souls are now in Heaven serving God again. Your entire professional life has been fighting the effects that other “lost children of God” (the term Michael uses for demons) have had on those you counsel. In God’s Kingdom, all are loved completely - even Lucifer himself. All in this world came to learn how to love. Those you counsel will learn about love (and thus move closer to God) when they have forgiven their tormentors. The tormentors will move closer to God when they learn to forgive themselves for what the dark has done to them and influenced them to do. Ultimately all are winners in God’s Kingdom notwithstanding the dark’s actions. Everyone in this world prayed to come here to serve and all knew that God’s love would ultimately heal them completely from anything the dark did. What better place to learn about love than a war zone where you know that you will see the face of evil?

Jesus could not control what the dark placed in front of Him but He could control how He responded. That is why He showed us that the only proper response to any provocation is love. Jesus came to show us (not tell us) how to live in this war zone. Archangel Raphael has told me that “the church has made Jesus out to be a liar.” The judgment coming from the church today is what you feel and why you have rejected much of those teachings. You know what is real and that is why you can feel so much. This is why the dark works very hard to get you angry because when you are angry you cannot serve God. My wife and I can teach you how to get Heaven to take that heaviness you feel when you allow your compassion to overwhelm you.

When you pray for those hurting the children, you are moving Heaven and earth to serve God’s will. When you get angry, only Lucifer wins because you have nullified Heaven’s ability to intervene. Your whole life has been one of attack. The dark knows who we are and what we can accomplish before we come. Those who have had it the toughest are those who have the most to give if they can right themselves. Your whole life has been trying to teach those who come before you how to heal and then serve. This is why love is the only answer even in the face of unfathomable pain.

You are a huge angel who has come to this world to serve God. I hope this long narrative helps you on your journey of service.

Go with God, for He is always with you.

Social Worker:
Conrad, I want to dissect what you are saying because I want to debate it. However, a part of me knows that you are truthful about my work.  Christianity certainly doesn’t dictate that we pray for Lucifer. I remember asking questions about God when I was very young and some questions were considered sacrilegious. I do believe that I am here for a purpose and I try to commit to that purpose. Sometimes I don’t know when it is my passion or God’s will. I also know that I have some resistance to way God’s love has been demonstrated in the churches. The Faith-based Initiatives that claim they are serving people, base their assistance on the level commitment to God as a condition to receive services. If I am to believe the Bible, Jesus told the leper to stretch forth his hand and healed him. He never asked if he was a Christian or believed in God.  

My Response:

Let me give you more information to digest. I suggest though that you challenge your assumptions to really process what I am saying otherwise it will not make sense. Let’s agree on some basic facts that I believe you will accept. First, there is only one God who is both omniscient and omnipotent. Second, everyone here was created by Him (or Her if that is your frame) and each soul is immortal. Third, Jesus really did come to this world. Four, evil exists and is constantly attacking those who come. And, five, God grants all of His creation freewill because control is not consistent with true love. With these assumptions, let’s examine for a moment God’s dilemma. God wants all to learn to love and grow closer to Him but He will not command it. Because God is God, He is constantly providing answers to each of our prayers by giving us opportunities to learn.

God created this world to give us experiences we could not have in Heaven. In Heaven, we are all beings of light but while we are here inside a body, there are more limitations than in Heaven. Here there are differences in race, culture, sex, etc. He built our bodies to feel and knew that these feelings could be abused. Also, do not think for a moment that God did not know that Lucifer would choose to reject Him. But God also knew what could be accomplished by each soul when he or she learned to overcome what the dark did to a person while here. The fact that everything here is temporary is why the Angels call this world an illusion. It is a perfect set for us inside of bodies to learn how to love. God’s Angels are here to guide us and help us get answers to our prayers but they will not live our lives for us or that would violate our freewill. While Lucifer constantly tries to hurt us and get us to feel hate, judgment, anger, rage, etc., God’s Angels play by God’s rules and try to get us to learn how to love notwithstanding the dark’s actions.

If you are an eternal being, what is a thousand years in hell if you ultimately learn to love? Those who come here to serve God know the world they are coming into and yet choose to come because they understand God’s ability to heal any damage the dark does. Lest you question God while dealing with the fallout from the dark’s attack, know that God’s plan is perfect. Before you come to this world, you talk to Archangel Michael about your mission. You do not remember this talk or your experiences would not be what you wanted. Before you leave this world and return to Heaven, you talk to Michael about your actions here. In that talk, you will see all of the mistakes you made and their impact on the people you hurt. Michael shows you how the dark tricked you into doing things that were not of God. As you go through this time, you will feel the pain you heaped on others and in this process learn to forgive yourself and learn to forgive those who hurt you. So do not think those who are hurting the children get away with anything. They will have to ultimately look at what they have done and will feel the pain they inflicted. This is God’s perfect system for all to learn more about love.

Institutional religions have been created to try to control our interactions with God. We need them because they establish boundaries but they should not be used to judge those who believe differently. If those who control these institutions acted as Jesus showed us to act, then these institutions would completely serve God. Currently that is not the case.

I hope this helps.

Social Worker:

If we have free will what is the end result of gaining the experiences on earth. Could we not choose to learn from God?

I work with wounded children who grow up wounded adults. How can a child learn to deal with such pain without rage and anger? The children I see often assume the blame for the wrong that they have experienced. They are separated from family and lose a sense of self. I had one child say to me “where was God when my daddy crawled on top of me?” This child didn’t want to hear about God. I was ministering to a child that was extremely hurt because his mother chose the abusive boyfriend over him. As I was telling him that God knows about your hurt he responded by saying “it hurts past where God is.” He was six years old. What do I do? I am continually writing programs, creating curriculum that addresses the needs of families. I sometimes do work for free or very low cost. I am at an impasse. Does God still hear my cry for the children? Is there darkness in me that deters heaven from helping me? There is a song that comes to mind. Hush, Hush somebody’s calling my name, what shall I do?

My response:

As I read your question, please understand not everyone in Heaven chooses to come to this world. God has millions of worlds but this is the worst in that you can absolutely lose sight of God for a time. Everyone here has signed up for a huge challenge. Most souls choose not to come here. You have a very large light because you came as a woman and an African American. You knew it was going to be really difficult and yet here you are. 

My mother sexually molested me from age 3 to 7. The only woman I had ever loved and whom I was married to for 35 years (and dated for 4 years before marriage) left me when I asked her to give up alcohol after learning she was an alcoholic from Michael. I know a little about suffering myself. I have now forgiven my mother and my first wife and in the process I have learned more about love. Michael once told me, “Faith is the answer to the great mystery.” Yes, God hears all and suffers along side us just as the Angels in Heaven do.

The first reference change is for you to understand that there are no victims here. Michael told me this once and it took a long to time to process this information. Everyone here asked to come knowing beforehand the sorrows and pain that awaited them when the dark attacked. That is why Michael has told me all here are “warriors for God who came to fight that which is far from Him in this war zone.” While you do not remember asking to come, you did. You also knew that God’s love could heal any damage the dark did to you.

In the middle of the suffering you cannot see the end result but God does. What is a body? Just dirt that God formed for a moment to be used as a tool for us to learn from. You cannot see what your children will gain once they learn to forgive but God does.

Mary Magdalene was kidnapped at age 11 and was forced to work in a brothel for over 10 years sleeping with men and women everyday. She has told me, “don’t cry for me because I wouldn’t change a thing.” She is now a huge Angel and very close to God because she has learned to forgive and love notwithstanding all that was done to her body while here. Also, there is not a woman she cannot now help. God saw beforehand what she could accomplish with the experience she had while here.

Is suffering necessary? No, but if you choose to come to this world, you will suffer. You came to help others whom the dark has captured. If those who are hurt can understand that they can use their experiences to move closer to God, their suffering will not be in vain. You become God’s hands, eyes, feet, and hands in this world when you bring them unconditional love with no fear or judgment. You are going God’s work.

Go with God.

Social Worker:

Conrad, what about the culture of African Americans that was enslaved and the pain and cruelty they experienced before they could ever contribute to mankind?

My response:

I may surprise you with this answer, but God is giving each of us the opportunity to learn to love. When a slave learned to love those who were torturing her or raping her, she made a huge leap toward God, which is the real prize. Nothing here is permanent except our souls and what we take from our experiences while here. God is only concerned about the individual and his or her advancement toward Him. There is no better culture in this world because all are illusions. One hundred years from now, they will be gone. This is why Jesus said we live in the world but are not “of” the world. Anything the world values is not of God because currently the world is run on the fear Lucifer brings. Didn’t Jesus say that the first will be last and the last first (or something close). Those slaves were much closer to God than any of their masters. Just look at their songs.

We live in a capitalistic system. Archangel Michael once told me that all of the money I had made was a “measure of squandered time.” The angels look down each day and see whether each soul learned to love not whether “mankind” advanced. Each race is just an illusion too. You are not really black or female, you are an avatar whom God has placed inside a black female illusion. You are really an immortal being of light just as we all are. When you learn to forgive those (white or not) who discriminate against you or patronize you, you have learned more about how God loves. In Heaven these slights are theoretical but here they seem very real. God has created our bodies to feel and we can feel joy and love or we can feel hate, fear, and anger. When we choose love and offer forgiveness in the face of hate, then God has used Lucifer to teach us some very important lessons that we will keep for eternity. We cannot learn to forgive by ourselves and that is the Holy Spirit’s job. When we allow ourselves to love, the Holy Spirit enters us and helps us. All we have to do is give the Holy Spirit a chance. This is why the dark never really wins.

If our frames are stuck in this world and we only see evil at work, we will not learn what we came here to learn. When we start to see this life as just one of many opportunities God gives us, then everything changes. This is each person’s challenge and it can only be accomplished with faith. That is why God has made this world as He has where we cannot see the Angels at work. We have to take them and God’s existence on faith; but, once we do, God sends the fruits of the Spirit to validate that faith.

God created all of these divisions (different races and cultures) so that we can all learn from each other. God’s wisdom is spread across all and none has a monopoly. The dark tries to counter this by bringing us fear so that these differences create divisions. Our job is to live life colorblind and see other souls (regardless of their culture) as our brothers and sisters and not our enemies. With love, all are united. In hate, all are separate.

I hope this helps.