Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Archangel Michael on Free Will

You cannot have true free will until you overcome learned behavior. Most choices are not really free will. Each place of work has its own rules with choices within those rules until you are on your own. The world has no rules that make sense. Knowing how to make a choice is very important. Tom is confused coming out of stress or trauma. When you respond in a certain way it is learning. A choice is when you decide to do something other than what you have learned. You must challenge the premise of what you have learned.

The origin of stress or trauma comes from this place of learned behavior. You cannot make a choice because you are confused. True choice means you have exercised your free will to reject the learned responses.

A Message From Archangel Michael

Notes from a meeting with Archangel Michael – January 7, 2013

Archangel Michael came to talk to us as an answer to our prayers. These are a summary of his suggestions to us on how to fulfill our prayers. He made it clear that Angels only answer prayers. They suggest what we could do in order to live according to our prayers. There is no enforcement of any kind. If one has big prayers, the suggestions to him or her will be different than if one has small prayers. All are equal. There is no judgment from Heaven on what we “should” do. Free will is respected at all times and each one has to choose for him or herself what he or she wants to do and how he or she wants to live.

The question for people is how to live, die, and love close to God in this world. We are like Paul. After we experience God in an undeniable way, we have to learn how to walk again and talk again because we have been “born again.”

In ancient times in Germany, the goal was to do whatever it took to have an experience with God. The people lived with nature and made small offerings on a daily basis. The key was for them to believe in themselves and have faith. Most of Christianity today came from Germany.

Everyone’s prayers have been answered by the way one came into this world and where one was born. Most times, however, to really see yourself you have to see yourself through others in a foreign way – in a stark contrast. Most of us can do well anywhere if we see ourselves for what we really are and know what we can do. 

There are three types of cultures in this world. The conquered, those transitioning to being conquered, and the conquerors. In the world of the conquered (Michael talked about Africa and Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Reservation), there is unlimited need because the conquerors took a fully functional society and completely changed the way these indigenous people lived. Now nothing happens easily or well. Before being conquered, the people were free to worship and live as they chose and had a life style that suited them. Now their lives have been constrained. Their old ways were denied them by the conquerors and their future now makes no sense. Theirlives are difficult because what they have been taught by the conquerors is not of them. They ask for money because that is what they have learned from the conquerors. Their old cultures did not have money but now that is what they ask for because they have been forced to believe it is necessary. However, it is not of their nature. Their kingdoms now have been filled with the beliefs and cultural rules of the western world. So the questions are, “How do you teach them to walk again? How do you get them to understand they can do it themselves?”

For those places in transition (Nepal for example), an ancient culture is being forced to become modern. The Nepalese are trying to discern how to live but it is a place of battle. In Nepal, they will not ask you for money because they have not yet been conquered. Yet they are selling their daughters into sexual slavery for money.

Missionaries have taken the dominant culture’s society to indigenous people. They bring them medicine and other things the indigenous people need, but then ask for something in return - to profess belief in a God named Jesus. The problem is that the indigenous people already know how to live within their world. Unwittingly, the western world wants to take their very essence from them. 

The battle is in all places. The conquered need to be liberated from the oppression of the culture these people were forced to embrace. Those in transition need to embrace their past and reject the culture being forced on them. The conquerors need to reassess their own culture and find their true selves. Europe is still strong in the world’s eyes because it once conquered the world.

The battle is helping each culture understand its own history. You do not have to be what you are not. This should be the focus of education. Education will give each culture its own perspective. School equals perspective and is an alternative to the current self-destructive activities such as selling daughters into prostitution in Nepal. A computer is very cheap these days and will open a window into what once was. However, wherever children gather, predators will come and you have to be on guard. A secure system needs to be established and implemented to keep the children safe.

The challenge is to build the model for those at the bottom of society to be self sufficient. Once they are no longer hungry, they can think about God. However, this dependence on government (or NGO’s) provides control and those in charge do not want to lose their control. For example, a man in Bangladesh pioneered micro loans to the women who were then freed. The government did not consider this development positive and he will be executed shortly. If you can change the women, then the world will change. If a woman does not believe she is safe, then she cannot exercise the power necessary for society to change. For instance, if you started a school for women in western Pakistan you would be killed. The challenge is to get people to understand their own power.

Native Americans were prohibited by the U.S. government from praying the way they have always prayed. The dominant culture told them they could only pray in a place called a church to a God named Jesus. For this, they had no reference and therefore could no longer feel as they once did. In order to feel, they introduced a hallucinogen that allowed them to feel again. The U.S. government told them as long as they prayed in that way, then they would be protected. So in Pine Ridge, they started the Native American Church. Each ceremony begins with the Eagle feather fan because that is the way they used to invite their relatives to the ceremony. With the fan they invite Jesus as one of their relatives into the Native American Church. A Native American will ask you to join his or her “church” but never to go to the sweat lodge with them. They never proselytized in their old culture because there was nothing to join. In true prayer there is never control and people must be liberated from the chains they have been taught to embrace. Therefore, each person has to be taught to go back before he or she can go forward. You have to understand each culture’s history to know how to pray to fix it. 

In Ghana, 1.5 million slaves went through Cape Coast and most did not make it out. This is part of what must be understood to heal that culture.

Free is a concept. Churches are not free because they expect something in return. That is not of God. What is of God is building something to help others with no expectation of something in return, including a tax deduction. This is why 501(c)(3) organizations are not perfectly aligned with God. The picture below depicts what I am saying. The four small circles are the four corners of your world. God is the large circle in the middle. The goal is be on the line depicted by God. If you are outside God’s circle, then you are of the world. You can be partly or completely of the world by the approach taken. If it is about the self, you are in the world completely. Total selflessness, puts you next to God. If you want to be of God, then the goal is to be a cup in which to pour out God into this world.

God’s methods are sustainable. The world has reached its apex of food production using man’s methods. However, the goals have been wrong. The key to sustainability is quality not quantity. An indigenous banana tree that produces 10 bananas is better than a banana tree from the Philippines that produces 20 bananas because the nutritional make up is completely different. Your science does not yet understand nutrition. Each of you are comprised of microbes from thousands of creatures using those same microbes for eons. Microbes need nurturing. The present lives on the past. This is sustainability as God created it. Production does not equal nutrition. Rather focus on quality instead of quantity. This is why it is better to eat organically grown food rather than GMO alternatives.

People do not want to offend God. Certain Native American tribes such as the Lakota do not believe in traditional farming for two reasons. First, God chooses where everything is to grow perfectly and, second, because the earth is sacred when farmed traditional, the Lakota thought that scarring was sacrilege. The Mohawks (who lived in upper state New York) farmed using traditional methods but they farmed next to a river. Because the ground they farmed was constantly renewed with each flood, there was no scarring. With this knowledge, you now know the Lakota would embrace hydroponic farming methods but not traditional methods. Each culture’s history is to be respected.