Monday, November 17, 2014

Questions About the Holy Spirit, Sin, and Hell

These are questions a friend of mine, whom I will call “P,” sent to me.

In The Gospel of Thomas, it says whoever blasphemes the Father will be forgiven, whoever blasphemes the Son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven on Earth or in Heaven. Your thoughts?

Speaking of Holy Spirit, you (I think) have said the Holy Spirit is all the Angels in Heaven and Earth. I have been taught the Holy Spirit is a single entity. Please explain this.

Finally, if the Holy Spirit is all the Angels in Heaven and Earth, are we part of the Holy Spirit?

My answer:

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the unpardonable sin mentioned by Jesus in the Bible. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is hurting another in the name of God and it happens all of the time. Muslims are doing it now but Christians did it during the Crusades. Christians still do it today when they judge others setting themselves up as God’s chosen enforcers. Jesus said this sin was unpardonable because it was unpardonable by Him. But nothing is unpardonable by God. This sin means you have to appear before God and this is what Lucifer is so afraid of. But how could it really be fearful when the architect of love, your Creator, leads you to the truth?

The Holy Spirit is not all of the Angels in Heaven and Earth. The composition of the Holy Spirit changes all of the time. God uses the Holy Spirit to answer your prayers and so it is composed of those Angels who love you and who want to be used by God at that moment. All power starts and stops with God but God uses these Angels’ love and combines it with His love to create the unity of the Holy Spirit who then answers your prayers. We do not understand the unity that exists in Heaven. When we talk to Michael, we think it is only him but, at any moment, he can turn into the Holy Spirit when he goes from talking as Michael to talking as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is composed completely of love generated by God and the Angels at that moment just for you. When we feel that love, we then become part of the Holy Spirit. This is what true joy is. At that moment, you have become part of Heaven.

As I have been thinking and praying about evil and how it affects us, I have been taught what “born again” really means. It means that you have done the work to look at your life with all of your perceived mistakes. In this process, you must allow yourself to feel again the pain others have caused you and you them so you can truly forgive both them and yourself. Once you have done this work, Heaven will take any residual pain with the result that you truly are “born again.” It has nothing to do with accepting Jesus as God’s Son. This is how Lucifer has tricked us into embracing more judgment of each other. Once “born again,” you are no longer laboring under self-judgment and can then permit God’s love to flow through you to others. This is what Jesus was teaching through the way He lived His life. The only real sin is self-judgment because, with it, you have then allowed yourself to be controlled by Lucifer. As Raphael told me, “you stop in your movement toward God at the point where you allow fear to overcome you.” Another time he said, “you are what Lucifer keeps you from becoming.” Both concepts have the same message. Fear (which self-judgment really is) is the true enemy and is Lucifer’s only weapon. Once you conquer fear, you will be completely in Heaven in this world.

The Angels have told me that Lucifer has no real power and can create nothing real. Lucifer did create Hell so what is it? The Angels serving God are in Heaven all of the time in this world. Archangel Raphael once told me that if he could waive his hand and remove all humans from this Earth, it would be fully part of Heaven again. This means that Hell is inside us. If Heaven is powered by God’s love, then Hell is the opposite. Hell is a place of such total fear that, once you are there, you cannot feel God’s love. All you can feel is the fear generated by self-judgment, which is then reinforced by the dark. It is not that God’s love does not completely surround you, it is just that you have been tricked into using your freewill to block your ability to feel that love. Once you have blocked God’s love, Lucifer then comes and creates Hell by reinforcing your self-judgment. Hell is a place where the dark continually replays for you the mistakes it tricked you into making and then tells you God will never take you back because of these actions. Hell is totally personal because it is your self-judgment that keeps you there.

This is why the only escape is looking at your life. This is also why the dark has to work in the dark. For the dark to succeed, you cannot see it as work. This is why you never remember the dark’s presence when you “remember” what you did. When you are afraid and allow fear in, the dark then persuades you to act in certain negative ways that hurt both others and yourself but you are unaware of its presence. The dark then tricks you into believing that its actions while inside of you are what define you. Once you understand the dark’s presence is not part of the real you, you can “forgive yourself for what you did not do” as Archangel Michael frequently says. This is why drugs, including alcohol, are tools the dark always uses to hurt you because they make the dark’s work much easier.

This world was not designed for perfection and it is your learning to forgive yourself and others that teaches you more about love. This is why you chose to come here and how you move closer to God as you learn more about God’s love.

P, you know Hell well as Lucifer tricked you into going there most of your life. Your life and your life’s story will help many find God again as they see God’s love come through you - a man “born again.” Yes, you are an Angel who prayed to come here to serve God. Welcome to the battle my friend.