Thursday, November 19, 2015

God's Genius in Creating this World

Mentioning God in our present culture causes divisions, arguments, and judgment. Those who believe in God judge those who do not and those who do not believe in God judge those who do. Those who believe in a certain institutional religion judge those who do not and vice versa. Even those who believe in a certain sect within one institutional religion frequently judge those who are part of the institution but not the sect. There is also much controversy surrounding God and those who believe they are acting on God’s behalf. This article addresses how we got here and how we can escape.

The answers that I will be presenting have come directly and indirectly from the Heavenly Host. In my life, I have been blessed with circumstances where I had direct contact with God, God’s Angels, and Heaven. Part of what I have been taught over many thousands of hours of conversation is contained in this article. For those who are interested in how I obtained this information, I have written a book about my journey that is available for free at This article is not about me, though, as the focus should only be on God. I am just a messenger.

To begin, let me quote from Archangel Raphael who once told me, “God is really smart.” We in bodies frequently miss this concept as we are constantly confronted by evil and how it affects us in this life. In this chaos, we miss the real reason humans are on this planet. By creating this world, God has given all who come here an incredible opportunity to learn more about love because no one leaves this world unchanged. 

At some point, most of us wonder, “Why am I here? What is the reason for my existence in this world?” The answer from Heaven is that we prayed to come to learn more about love. Since God is a God of love, this means that we move closer to God as we learn more about love. The opposite is true too though. If we allow fear to govern our lives, then we move further from God because evil requires fear to exist. In God, there is only love and so there is no place for fear. Each person in this world during his or her life is given numerous opportunities to either embrace love or embrace fear. God did not design this world for us to live perfectly while here. This means that all make mistakes on their journey but these very mistakes allow us to learn more about love as we learn to forgive others as well as ourselves.   

It should surprise no one that humanity has gotten many things right and many things wrong in the area of organized religion. This is to be expected once you understand that the dark will attack those seeking to move closer to God in obvious and non-obvious ways. As each area of an institutional religion’s dogma is analyzed, your truth detector should look for those concepts that embrace love and reject those concepts that exude fear. If God is a God of love (which God is), then any concept that is based in fear is not of God regardless of whether that concept is contained in the Bible or not. A religious scholar at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Bart Erhman, has written many books proving that the Bible is not an inerrant document. This does not mean, though, that there are not any concepts in the Bible that have been inspired by God. It just means that God did not dictate what is there to the authors. When the authors had no fear, they could hear clearly what was coming from Heaven and when they were afraid they could not. One of the dark’s most damaging assaults is to convince us that God is speaking to us when it really is the dark speaking. A glaring example of this is contained in the Hebrew Bible at Exodus 32:26-28, which reads as follows:

…then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, "Whoever is for the LORD, come to me!" And all the sons of Levi gathered together to him. He said to them, "Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, 'Every man of you put his sword upon his thigh, and go back and forth from gate to gate in the camp, and kill every man his brother, and every man his friend, and every man his neighbor.'" So the sons of Levi did as Moses instructed, and about three thousand men of the people fell that day.…

God would never command one part of God’s creation to take the life of another part. This is not what love does. But Moses was filled with fear and had thus momentarily cut himself off from Heaven. In this void, the dark appeared and convinced Moses that he was hearing God speaking when it actually was the dark speaking. This is how God became known as fearful and judgmental in the Hebrew Bible. It is also one of the reasons that God sent Jesus to correct these misconceptions that humanity had embraced.

Before I continue on my analysis, I want to state some concepts that are always true and then discuss the ramifications of each.

1.     There is only one God and this God is a God of love.
2.     God loves all of God’s creation unconditionally.
3.     God is omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing).
4.     God has placed angels in this world who work as God’s servants to assist all who come.
5.     All here are eternal beings who prayed to come knowing that they would be inhabiting transient bodies composed of dirt for just a moment.
6.     Everyone in this world knew beforehand that evil was here and that evil would attempt to harm him or her while here.
7.     Evil has no intrinsic power. Evil’s only “power” comes from its ability to trick those who come into hurting themselves through embracing fear.

Concept 1 - There is only one God and this God is a God of love.

All of the Abrahamic religions believe there is only one God and these religions are correct. While it is difficult to comprehend while we are in these bodies, the only thing that is truly real is God’s love. Inside this world, sin seems real but it is not. Nothing that is not part of God can be real and sin is not a part of God. God created this world so that those who prayed to come here would have their prayers answered. God never designed this world for perfection. The opportunity this world presents is for all here to learn from their mistakes. This is the perfection that underlies this world’s gift of imperfection. This is why all who come are inexorably changed as they learn more about love when they ultimately learn to forgive and have compassion for the very ones who hurt either their loved ones or them. Part of this journey is also learning to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes. This is the world’s perfection that is frequently missed when we only dwell on evil and its consequences in our lives. The end point of our analysis should not be within the confines of this world. We are eternal beings and what we learn while here will help mold us into what we will become on each of our eternal quests to grow closer to God.

Concept 2 - God loves all of God’s creation unconditionally.

We cannot fathom how much God loves or that God’s love is both constant and unconditional. Many passages in the Bible frequently invoke anthropomorphism, which is ascribing to God the natural feelings of humans. But God is unchanging because perfection by definition cannot be improved upon. This means that God never changes His love for us. It also means that God never has any negative emotions such as fear, anger, or judgment (as we understand it). Rather, God loves unconditionally and that love is so great that it can never become greater. Consider that for a moment. God’s love for each person is so great that, no matter what anyone does, that love will never lessen. God designed this world so that those who come here can learn more about love. This world was never designed for us to live perfectly in it because our mistakes are part of the intended experience. We can learn much from our own mistakes - mistakes that are not possible in Heaven.

While this article has been written for those who embrace any religion or none, I want to expand the concept of the enormousness of God’s love as it relates to Jesus and His life and death. Nothing I say here should detract from Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross but the idea that Jesus’ death was required by God to atone for our sin is wrong. God’s love is a constant and will always be a constant. Theologically, this means Jesus’ death was not required by God. The big question then is if God did not require Jesus to die on the Cross for our sins, why did Jesus come? Jesus came because He knew that the world needed to see a visible representation of what God’s love looked like inside a body. Jesus knew that there were souls in this world so hurt by the dark that their own self-judgment could not be overcome without a visible representation of God’s love in human form. Jesus came and lived His life and then went to the Cross in order to reach those who had condemned themselves to eternal separation from God. This is why Jesus only talked about forgiveness and compassion because real love encompasses these principles and does not condemn anyone - not even Lucifer.

Concept 3 - God is omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing).

God is the architect of power and love. Those two words are rarely put together but, in God’s case, they are appropriate. As such, the only power that is real is God’s power. God’s love is equally strong and unchanging (see Concept 2). God is also all knowing. This means that before we came into this world, God knew exactly what would happen to us and what we would do while here. Given our limited understanding, this means that some believe we do not have freewill but this is wrong. Once you understand that control is part of fear, you understand that God as the architect of love would never want to control us. Freewill is God’s ultimate gift to us and that gift is born in love.

God’s horizon is not our horizon. While in the body, we sometimes think that the end point is within this world and this arbitrary assumption means that we can never understand why God allowed this world to exist with evil as a constant predator. But God’s horizon is not controlled by our limitations. God knows how each person will ultimately respond to the assaults that come from the dark. In fact, it is those very assaults that are answers to the prayers that brought each person here to begin with. This is tough to understand when one sees women and children sexually assaulted and raped, but we have to remember that those events are happening to bodies by bodies that are really only dirt that God has assembled for a moment. Nothing in this world is permanent except our souls and what we take from the experiences we have while here. The end point is not within this world.

There is much suffering here but that suffering is not without purpose. Those here prayed to come into this “war zone” in order to help God reach those here who are lost. The only weapon that works is love, which means that compassion and forgiveness are crucial if one is to win the battle. Hate, recrimination, and judgment only further divide and help the dark strengthen its grasp on those souls who are lost. Jesus’ last act while on the Cross was to ask God to forgive those tormenting and torturing Him. There can be no greater example of real love than this.

Concept 4 - God has placed angels in this world who work as God’s servants to assist all who come.

Angels are in this world just as we are. Those serving God are here as God’s servants and monitor all that happens here. Angels are also here to assist anyone who asks for help. Angels are created beings just as we are but they just exist in another dimension. We cannot see their presence because they move so fast they are invisible to the human eye. The reason they are invisible is because if we could see angels, then we would not have the experience in this world that we prayed to have before we came. Angels are always available to assist us on our journey when we pray selflessly for others and have faith. Angels have no intrinsic power as all of their power comes from God. However, when the angels pray selflessly for others, God fills them with God’s power just as God does us under the same conditions.

Angels have freewill just as we do. Thus there are some angels who have chosen not to serve God but rather work with the dark. This creates the conditions that have made this world a spiritual war zone. While all see the effects of this war, we frequently do not realize that the battle is spiritual because it plays out among those in bodies. Unfortunately, this means that some souls are lost for a time but fortunately nothing that happens here is permanent. Any damage the dark does to a body does not permanently injure the soul as God’s love ultimately heals all.

Concept 5 - All here are eternal beings who prayed to come knowing that they would be inhabiting transient bodies composed of dirt for just a moment.

Everyone in this world prayed to come here. This means that you are not here by accident. When God answers your prayers and allows you to come, God shows you beforehand the family you will join and whether you will be male or female. All of this is necessary for God not to violate your freewill. However, God does not show you everything that will happen because discovery is part of the challenge. This lack of foreknowledge is a measure of your faith in God.

God in His infinite wisdom has created a world where nothing is permanent. Our bodies are formed from dirt with the capacity to hold our souls for a moment before these bodies return to dirt. This means that everything in this world is transient except our immortal souls and the lessons that we learn from the journey. So why would we choose to take this brief trip? Because all who come are permanently changed as a result of their journey. Some are lost for a time but all ultimately return to Heaven. Time is irrelevant when you are immortal.

Concept 6 - Everyone in this world knew beforehand that evil was here and that evil would attempt to harm him or her while here.

This transient world grants all here the amazing opportunity to move closer to God very quickly as they learn more about love in a world where evil not only exists but is continually attacking. Evil is not an inconvenient aspect of this world. Rather, evil is the reason we are here. Without evil in residency, many would not have prayed to come to this world to help God reach those souls here who are lost. Once it is understood that everyone is here by choice, then the difficulties all experience while here can be seen as the teaching tools they are. No one suffers in vain. This revelation does not diminish the suffering but it does put suffering in context. God designed our bodies to be able to feel. Evil understands this and continually tries to entice us into feeling fear or hiding from real emotions while God gives us the opportunity to feel love. This is the spiritual battle that is this world. If we can learn to embrace love as well as feel compassion for those who have hurt either our loved ones or ourselves, then we are beginning to love as God loves, which is the ultimate reward for embarking on this difficult journey.

Concept 7 - Evil has no intrinsic power. Evil’s only “power” comes from its ability to trick those who come into hurting themselves through embracing fear.

The dark has no intrinsic power. Rather the dark has to trick us into unwittingly embracing ideas or positions that hurt ourselves. The biggest mistake anyone can make in this world is to judge him- or herself unworthy of God’s love. God’s love never changes but we can block our ability to feel that love through self-judgment. This is why the dark continually attempts to get us to embrace self-judgment through the feelings of shame and guilt. We need to understand that those feelings would never come from God.

This world is a war zone where the spiritual battle continually rages. Our bodies are porous and can be filled with either fear or love at any instant. The dark by using others can injure our bodies but the dark can never permanently injure our souls. This is the genius of God’s creation. Many atheists deny God’s existence because of the obvious effects of evil in this world. However, the end point of our journey is not within this world. This world is transient but our souls are not. Once this is understood, each day can be seen as the opportunity it is. All here are immortal souls who were willing to endure much suffering in order to help others and God. This world is so much more than it appears.

God specifically designed our bodies to feel. What we choose to feel is up to us as we can either live in a world of fear or a world of love. The world of love is real as that is where God dwells. The world of fear has been contrived by the dark to separate us from God. Lucifer, when he was one of the four angels God put in charge or this world, was taught how God designed this world. That knowledge was not taken from Lucifer when he fell. This means that Lucifer and the dark know how to violate God’s design in order to hurt all here. This is why the dark continually attempts to entice us into embracing false realities that hinder our ability to feel God’s presence. As I said, our bodies are porous and we can choose which feelings we will allow inside. If fear is present, then we have unwittingly blocked our ability to feel God. This truly is a zero sum game. If fear is present, love is not and vice versa. What is not so well known is that when we seek to feel pleasure through the use of intoxicants we have also blocked our ability to feel God. The most common such artificial feeling comes from alcohol use. Most would agree that drunkenness is not helpful but moderate use is not helpful either. I know that many will resist this concept but it is true nonetheless. The challenge is to recognize this concept as true and not attempt to judge or control those who either do not agree or use alcohol anyway. Judgment and control are just other forms of fear and, as such, are never helpful if one wants to help another. You have to understand how the dark works. First the dark hurts us and then it attempts to get us to blame ourselves for what the dark has done. When we do succumb to self-judgment, the dark then gives us places of refuge where we can avoid the feelings of shame and guilt the dark always brings. One such place of refuge is alcohol use, which should explain its presence everywhere.

Everyone in this world prayed to come here from Heaven in order to serve God. From Heaven, all can see the suffering of those souls who are trapped here. But only the most intrepid are willing to come to this world and subject themselves to the dark’s continual onslaught. This is because God’s rules for this world mean you come without the knowledge that you are here by choice. If you had that knowledge, then your experiences here would be different from what you wanted. You only come with your ethics and your personality. This makes everyone’s journey here challenging but the reward is that one can make a huge leap toward God in a very short time through learning more about love. There is no better place to learn about love than a world where you are given the opportunity to have compassion for (as well as forgive) those who have hurt your loved ones or you. Compassion and forgiveness are primary components of love and this world gives everyone lessons on learning to embrace love in situations that do not exist in Heaven. This is God’s genius in permitting this world to exist after Lucifer’s fall. Life in this world is never easy but it can be eternally rewarding. Everyone is changed as a result of choosing to come here.

Philosophers from time immemorial have tried to reconcile the concept of God as an all powerful and knowing force with the effects of evil. Atheists dismiss the idea that God even exists because of the effects of evil. The problem with these approaches is that both do not account for our greatest gift from God – the gift of freewill. This gift becomes obvious when love is understood. Love does not control because control is just another form of fear. This explains why love is absolutely incompatible with fear. God is a God of love and as such would never control His creation. One consequence of granting freewill to creation, though, is that some will choose paths that are far from God for a time. This principle is currently on display in this world. Evil is the word we give to the force that seeks to harm others and is the result of fear and its many faces. This is precisely why God would never control us. I did not say seek to control us as God could control us if God chose to. But God has intentionally limited Himself because this limit is consistent with love. We are not in this world by chance. We are here by choice otherwise our freewill would have been violated.

God is continually teaching His creation selfless love for others. This is how those in Heaven live. God allowed this world to exist with evil as a constant predator because God knows what those who choose to come here will learn about love in this war zone. Yes, many are hurt for a time but all will learn eternal truths that will help shape them forever. From Heaven’s perspective, this world is an illusion. Nothing here is permanent except our souls and the lessons we learn. Our bodies are composed of dirt formed for a moment to hold our eternal souls. This world was created for dirt to interact with dirt so all here will learn more about love. God’s genius is that once we are inside these bodies, then everything seems real. This is why we have to come with no memory of our past. If it were any other way, then the experiences we wanted beforehand would not be possible. For reasons beyond my comprehension, God has now chosen to lift the veil. Once the veil is fully lifted, evil will lose its ability to trick and to hurt. Once the light shines on evil, it will be seen as the powerless “force” it really is. Evil has no intrinsic power, which is precisely why it has to work in the dark. Once God’s love is understood as being fully unconditional, unchanging, and non-judgmental, then the dark will lose its ability to hurt others through bringing the feelings of shame and guilt. Yes, we make mistakes and are misguided for a time, but that is how we learn. We prayed to come here to learn and God is constantly answering our prayers in this war zone.